Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mid September.... Really?

Are we really almost half way through this Eat Local Challenge? Once again, I am floored by the speed of the seasons - as soon as they're here, they're gone again.

I'm beginning to think that I should have been following this diet all through my pregnancy. I'm really feeling good! Probably it's the elimination of processed food that goes along with a local diet rather than the localness of the food itself, but no matter. I've always found that eating a locavore diet is the only way I can successfully convince myself to cut out the sugar, white flour, and other diet demons. The benefits are clear: I've had no digestive problems to complain about for two weeks, and what's more, my mood has been good. It feels really nice to know that I'm nurturing myself and my baby so effectively through the foods I'm eating.

Speaking of the baby, he's been really active these last few days. Whether that has anything to do with my diet or not is hard to say, but I like to imagine that it does. At first, he was pretty quiet - getting used to the change. Now he seems to be really into it. There's lots of kicks, nudges, and flips, especially after I eat a hearty meal. I think he's thankful for the good food!

Anyhow, here's the rundown on what I've been eating these last few days: Monday breakfast was the same old peaches, almonds, and I indulged myself with some heavy cream. I probably should have eaten more for lunch than I did - I made a plate of garden veggies (cucumbers, carrots, and tomato) and ate them with a big blob of Dream Farm chevre. I had an active day of stay at home domesticity, and somehow I'm never as hungry on those days, compared to my days at work behind a desk. I just don't get that.

Dinner on Monday was venison (still in the freezer from last year's hunting season), cooked in the cast iron skillet with bacon, bell pepper, and onion. I made chapatis to go with - these are unleavened Indian flat breads that act more or less like a tortilla and are super fast and easy to make. I remember my parents making these over the fire when camping - a throwback to their hippy days I'm sure. I always forget about them until the eat local challenge comes along and I'm craving quick carbs. Local flour, water, salt, and a little local sunflower oil and there you are. I ate one with dinner and then one for dessert with butter and honey. Yum!

Breakfast today was the last of the peaches - it's pears and apples only from here on out. It was a desk day, so like clockwork, I got super hungry and low blood sugar at about 10am. For once I was prepared. Instead of free bakery items, I ate the little bag of walnuts and dehydrated apples and peaches I had brought from home. It got me through!

Lunch was leftover chili from Sunday night - a big portion of it that left me stuffed. I couldn't eat much more by dinner time, so I just steamed some broccoli and mixed it with Dream Farm Chevre and walnuts.

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