Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumnal Daydreams

A tiny hat awaits a tiny little head. This is my first baby knitting, made from local alpaca yarn. Booties of the same yarn are coming next, and maybe some wee little mittens. A December baby needs warm things.

As you can see, we also pulled the last of our onions from the community garden this weekend. We got a few of decent size, but most of them never formed good bulbs - I planted them too late. I know it's probably crazy, but I'm already planning to use my maternity leave to plant early seedlings like onions. Next year's garden and next year's baby are in the forefront of my mind, and somehow connected. I have this image of him on a blanket in the shade and me working in the garden on a beautiful June day..... daydreams can be so sweet.

We are far from June now. Fall has taken hold of Wisconsin in a beautiful way. The light has started to fall in that golden-y fall angle, and the heat and drought of mid-summer seem an eternity away. 

I know reading about what I eat all day every day can be a bit of a bore (writing about it is too!), but for posterity, here it is: On Saturday (my Friday at work) I was finally victorious over the free day old bakery bin at work. I brought 3 leftover biscuits from the night before (local flour of course) and slathered them with local cream cheese and local honey for breakfast (along with some fruit of course). Lunch was the last of the leftover potatosagna - so sad to see a good leftover go! Dinner was as old fashioned meat and potatoes delicious as you can get - steak on the grill, baked garden potatoes, and roasted green beans (cooked in foil on the grill - a great way to do it!). 

Sunday we made potato pancakes with fresh applesauce and scrambled eggs for breakfast. The chickens have almost all started their autumn molt, so these were probably some of the last eggs we'll get until spring. With the baby coming we plan to go chicken-less for the winter, and start new next spring. It'll be easier that way. Because I've lived with these birds for so long, I just can't seem to bring myself to authorize their butchering. They will go to a local farm animal sanctuary where they will be allowed to live a happy chicken retirement. 

Anyway, Sunday was a day of snacking. Leftover biscuits with butter and honey in the mid-morning, a local Honeycrisp apple with sharp cheddar in the mid-afternoon. I made a super simple chicken soup for dinner - fresh broth from Friday's roast chicken, local celery, carrots, and some 4 grain elbow noodles (already in the pantry). There's something so good about homemade chicken broth. I can't really think of anything that makes me feel more nourished. 

Today (Monday), was a beautiful fall day. Sunny, mid-70's, leaves just starting to turn. Beautiful. I had a good breakfast of yogurt, walnuts, concorde grapes, and a shriveled (but not moldy) peach I found in the back of the fruit drawer. Then I had to go to the Dr. for my 28 week lab tests. The worst one was the gestational diabetes test, which involved drinking a horribly bright orange liquid that seemed to be composed of nothing but yellow #2, Red #5, and corn syrup. It doesn't get more awful than that. Predictably, heartburn, and a blood sugar roller coaster ensued. On the bright side, I got the test results very quickly, and I do not have gestational diabetes.

I came home and had a wonderful lunch of leftover grilled steak, frying and pimento peppers, a potato, and some sharp cheddar all cooked up in the cast iron. Then I was off to an ultrasound appointment.

Somehow my days off make me more exhausted than my days at work, (I did clean the house today, and do the laundry, and survive two Dr.'s appointments), so tonight is a bit of a fail for dinner. Stanley's on his way right now to pick up take-out from a local taco place which supposedly buys some food from local farmers.... ah well, you can't win them all. 

Did I mention I am now officially in my third trimester?!? 

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